We Are

Multiprof Property Intelligence render professional Town Planning, Architectural and related property services of outstanding quality and exceptional standards to both individuals and the property fraternity.
Providing Town Planning and Building Plan related information on properties to buyers, sellers and estate agents (including Smart Starter Package). We also offer related training to Property Professionals.
  • Consent Use
  • Rezoning
  • Removal of Restrictive Title Deed Conditions
  • Simultaneous Removal and Rezoning
  • Permission for a Second Dwelling
  • Sub-Division
  • Simultaneous Sub-Division and Consolidation
  • Consolidation
  • Compliance with Sub-Division Conditions
  • Division of Land
  • Township Establishment
  • Development Facilitation Act
    – Application in terms of the Development Facilitation Act
  • Trade Licences – Application in terms of Regulation
  • Local Council Documentation and Process –
  • Registration Categories

Our History

Multiprof Property Intelligence was founded in 1998 by Abrie Snyman.
Abrie qualified as a Town and Regional Planner at the University of Pretoria in 1980, after which he spent the next ten years gaining experience as a senior Town Planner at the City Council of Pretoria and the Department of Housing.
In 1990 he started acting as a consultant for the property industry. Since then – driven by a vast amount of knowledge about the industry and our ability to connect the dots – the intrepid one-man operation has grown to a versatile yet focused consulting enterprise offering a spectrum of services.
Inez Ferreira joined Multiprof Property Intelligence in 2005. With her attention to detail in management, finances, and operations, she has grown with the company for 14 years. Taking on the role of the Chief Financial and Operations Officer, Inez has laid the foundation for the company’s growth and structure. She has designed and implemented the business operations while promoting company culture and vision through acts of service for her staff and clients.
Her belief is, “just having customers who are satisfied isn’t good enough anymore.” Inez strives to endorse excellent customer service, memorable experience and build long-term working relationships that strengthen both the company and its clientele.
Over and above serving a client basis that covers the spectrum from the corporate sector to individual home owners, we are committed to educating and training estate agents on issues around Town Planning and Building Plan issues relevant to their Agents profession.

Our Mission & Vision

Multiprof has an operating philosophy which is embodied in the following elements and which is reflected in the services provided to clients:
• Providing affordable and practical solutions of a high standard
• Highest quality advice in our fields of expertise
• Going the “extra mile” to meet the client’s needs
• To share our knowledge and expertise with clients and role players
   in the property industry
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South Africa
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