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Do you want it Darker?: Insight

It is often said that one must first lose something to experience to true value thereof. 
After 35 days of level 5 lockdown, the 4th of May brought along glorious morning walks and smiling eyes behind masks. It was after such a walk that our CEO Abrie Snyman, excitedly called the marketing team, saying We can make a difference!
Inspired by the lyrics of Leonard Cohen’s contemplative masterpiece “You want it darker”, our #YouBeTheFlame campaign was born. The initiative calls for individuals to take a black plastic bag for a morning walk, to clean up their neighbourhood. We encouraged participants to take a photo of themselves during the walk and post it to their social networks using the hashtag #YouBeTheFlame.

Creative Multiprof Graphics Designs designed our campaign poster in such a way, that we can also customize it, for companies to use with their own unique branding to share socially.

We have received great feedback from our clients, colleagues, and friends.

Says Walda Bok via Facebook: “Lockdown taught us to be more aware and in the moment, and I was surprised during my morning walks to see all the pieces of plastic, paper, cigarette boxes and butts, bottles, etc lying on our sidewalks and beautiful parks.  I was approached by a friend to become involved in creating awareness amongst residents and approach them to assist with cleaning our neighborhoods. When you go for your next walk, take a black bag and pick up a few pieces of rubble. You will not only get some extra exercise but will feel good making a difference too!”

We will continue to promote this initiative in the weeks to come. To Abrie – your enthusiasm is contagious. Thanks for being a flame in dark days.

If you or your company want to be part of this project, please send your logo to and Multiprof Graphics Intelligence will replace the Multiprof Property Intelligence logo with your logo to post to your clients and groups.


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