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Multiprof was founded in 1998 by Abrie Snyman. Abrie qualified as a Town and Regional Planner at the University of Pretoria in 1980, after which he spent the next ten years gaining experience as a senior Town Planner at the City Council of Pretoria and the Department of Housing.

In 1990 he started acting as a consultant for the property industry. Since then – driven by vast amount of knowledge about the industry and our ability to connect the dots – the intrepid one-man operation has grown to a versatile yet focused consulting enterprise offering a spectrum of services.

Over and above serving a client basis that covers the spectrum from the corporate sector to individual homeowners, we are committed to educating and training estate agents on issues around Town Planning and Building Plan issues relevant to their Agents profession.

What we do and how

Creating a unique, profitable, and sustainable business like Multiprof requires an outlook on life that matches the challenges. Abrie Snyman founder, CEO and driving force behind Multiprof Property Intelligence together with Inez Ferreira who joined 18 years ago who is the Director, CFO and the COO, have created and are living this unique dream. Combining Town Planning skills and experience, with Architectural flare is perhaps not that unique – adding the ability to connect the dots between the various role players and solving the identified problems for clients under one umbrella has proved to be a profitable endeavor. Multiprof has an operating philosophy which is embodied in the following elements and which is reflected in the services provided to clients:

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Multiprof Memberships

We are registered members of the following:

• South African Council for Planners (SACPLAN)

• South African Association of Consulting Professional Planners (SAACPP)

• National Association of Managing Agents (NAMA)

• South African Council for the Architectural Profession (SACAP)

• Capital City Business Chamber (CCBC)


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The Multiprof team

The Multiprof team are all experts in their divisions. We prioritise customer satisfaction and high quality work above all else.

Abrie Snyman

CEO | Town Planner | Director

Inez Ferreira

CFO | COO | Director

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