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Building plans in Gauteng

Multiprof offers the leading service with regards to everything building plans in Pretoria. We undertake architectural projects from residential units to blocks of flats and commercial buildings. No project is too small or too big for us to embark on. We can assist from start to finish. We take great care when advising our client  on how best to optimise properties for residential or commercial use. We do not only make our clients aware of the potential problems and pitfalls, but we also prevent and solve these problems. Not what you are looking for. See our other services.

Building plan service in detail:

We specialise in providing As-Built Plans for the property industry and our council facilitators work between the various departments in the City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality to ensure we provide exceptional service and timely delivery for our client’s needs in Pretoria. Areas of expertise include, concept design, design development, documentation, and completion (but is not limited to project inception). Multiprof Property Intelligence is at the fore front of integrating knowledge with service excellence all across Gauteng for our beloved clients in need of anything relating to building plans. As specialist architects, providing As-Built Plans; which are the blueprints of the property industry; as well as special house plans we can ensure customer satisfaction in record time. 

Building plans Pretoria
House Plans Pretoria

Building plans or house plans are the foundation upon which remarkable structures come to life. They embody the creative vision, technical expertise, and meticulous planning required to transform an idea into a tangible reality. Whether it’s a towering skyscraper or a cozy family home, building plans serve as the guiding light that navigates the construction journey, ensuring that every detail falls seamlessly into place. As we continue to shape the world through architecture and construction, let us appreciate the artistry and precision embedded within the blueprint, a testament to human ingenuity and the power to build the extraordinary.

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Building plans Frequently Asked Questions

House plan draughting is the process of creating visual representations of proposed house designs, including detailed floor plans and exterior elevations.

House plans in South Africa are typically designed by architects or other trained professionals using specialized software.

To get house plans from a council, contact their building or planning department and provide property details for identification. You might need to pay a fee and prove ownership.

The cost of house plans varies based on design complexity, architect’s experience, and location. Generally, it ranges between R8,000 and R20,000.

Building plans are necessary for new constructions or significant renovations, both residential and commercial, to ensure compliance with regulations and codes.